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My qualifications:

BA in English and Spanish Language and Culture

MA in Foreign Languages for the International Communication (English, Spanish)

MA in English to Italian Specialized Translation (Medical, Legal, Web)

Diploma in Spanish to Italian Specialized Translation (Tourism)

MA in Conference Interpreting in English

Sworn Translator and Interpreter (Court of Vicenza)

A few words about me...

My name is Lisa Crosta.

Globes addicted | To-Do List Fan | Passionate about CrossFit, Fitness and Yoga.

At the age of 13 I dreamt of traveling the world as a flight attendant; at twenty, I was captivated by the movie The Interpreter by Sydney Pollack: that was it, cultures and languages would soon become my passion.


From Linguistic High School I stepped directly into a 5-year-university program, adding a fourth language to my repertoire and jumping into any sort of experience that could possibly increase my knowledge in the field. What better way to enhance my academic career than jetting off to Seville, Spain for a 12-month-Erasmus program!

With a Master's degree in both English and Spanish, I embarked upon what appeared to be a short corporate adventure as a Sales Director Assistant at Staff International SpA, a well-known Italian fashion company. Six months later, I found myself working in their Customer Service Department, handling daily communication with international clients and distributors.


I genuinely enjoyed the challenges of being the clients' reference point for any type of of complaint, request, or need. That's why over the past 10 years I’ve been serving in this role for other well-known local companies operating in various market sectors: from Chimento Gioiellieri SpA's luxury jewelry, to Brevetti C.E.A. SpA's mechanics for pharmaceutical markets, continually improving, expanding and polishing my technical knowledge as well as my customer relations skills.


In addition, I have also given private language lessons to adults and students, as well as managed various translation projects for individuals and businesses, to include a wide range of sales and technical documents.


Longing for an independent professional career in the language field encouraged me to return to my studies, all the while continuing to work full-time. I first earned a Master's degree in Specialized Translation and subsequently, a second Master's in Conference Interpreting.

I now run my freelance business in the language translation field and am an active member of the Italian National Association of Translators and Interpreters.

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